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Home Automation Development

Integrated windows based touch screen control of lighting and audio visual

home automation control system
Touch Screen Home Automation System main menu
Home automation control system written using html/css and compiled to chrome application using node.js. System uses Powerhome as the main home automation server and achieves the same functionality as high end system such as Crestron only at many, many times cheaper. Uses <$120 Windows tablets for the interface and controls lights, music, AV equipment and much more.

Technolgies used:

  • HTML / CSS
  • node.js
  • Powerhome home automation control server and database
  • Controls power, AV equipment over TCIP / Infra Red

Lighting Control

Music control through Logitech squeezebox of TCIP

Large Format Photograper

Large format photography using the Gigapan automatic panormic camera system for corporate and residential settings.

Music Producer

Multi instrumentalist music producer for games, TV, YouTube and for fun

3D Animator

3D renderings and animation for architectural concepts, large format photography installations and for video applications

Web Developer

Web developer for personally owned web projects and e-commerce

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