Purchasing Large Format Photography

Please first choose the image you are interested in purchasing from the image portfolio section.
- Next, please send an email to sales@crawshaygallery.com outlining the following:
- The name of the image.

- The approximate dimensions you would like the finished piece.

- Whether you would like contemporary frameless or framed.

- The place you would like your piece delivered to. (We ship world wide)
* If possible please also include with your email a picture of the space you would like to put the finished piece in. With this, we can superimpose the piece you are interested in and give you an idea of what it would look like at size. It also gives us the ability to better assist you on size and frame choice.
We can then give you a detailed price. Prices are based on size and image choice but range from about $2500.00 upwards for a 20x60 inch finished piece.

colored-veins by Phil Crawshay

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