Photography Redefined

With the advent of cheaper photography equipment plus the advancement of in phone cameras, everybody has the potential to take good photographs. It was precisely this that made me look closely at what I could do that certainly differentiate myself as a photographer but also surpass the current technology and create something so incredibly detailed across the whole image that would make it almost lifelike and three dimensional. Using a combination of high resolution cameras and a robotic camera system that can be programmed to take a huge panoramic vista as a series of tiles, I came up with a way to take photographs of such incredibly high resolution that they had to be restricted in size just for the computer to be able to process it.

Gigapixel high resolution camera system

To complement such beautifully detailed pictures I decided they should be mounted and presented in an equally stunning way. A set about the process of learning how to face mount which involves back mounting the fine art print to the rear of acrylic. It's a highly specialized process with a propensity for failure as the slightest dust particle or air bubble can ruin the process. The end result is however quite stunning and makes the images 'pop' in an almost three dimensional way. It's similar to applying lacquer to wood where the details and grain of the wood are greatly enhanced. I use this method of mounting for both framed and contemporary frameless finished. The added benefit to this process is that the print is hermetically sealed from the environment and will never fade or degrade.

Large format photography mounted to acrylic

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