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Introducing a new and unique concept that transforms my large format, fine art photography into a high quality loudspeaker. Utilizing patented audio exciter technology we are able to turn one large photographic piece into 3 individual speakers (or just one) which is perfect for a completely invisible surround system that is sure to be quite a conversation piece. Utilizing 2 large art pieces for front / center and rear surround, plus an additional subwoofer to provide additional bass, you have a complete 5.1 surround system (7.1 also possible) that is completely invisible and sounds astonishingly good. Due to the nature of audio exciters, the sound produced is extremely crisp and because the whole of the art panel emits sound, the audio seems to be coming from all over as opposed to a conventional speaker where sound is emitted from one focal point. I have a full surround sound version of this system at my office here in Dallas, so please contact me to schedule a demonstration.
Large format photography that acts as a loud speaker

Create a discrete full surround system in the bedroom with incredible sound

Luxury photography wall art that emits sound like a speaker

Create a discrete full surround system in the bedroom with incredible sound

Invisible and discrete high end audio system

Create incredible sound from art


Does this need to be professionally installed?
If you are fairly adept at installing basic audio equipment and at hanging large format art then no, however, alot of people have opted to have the wires completely hidden by concealing them in the wall which would call for a contractor to carry out the work. Using ultra thin wire, you can make the wires almost invisible.
Do I have to have a large piece or would 2 or more small pieces do the job?
You do not have to have an extra large piece. 2 medium sized pieces (more for a surround system) at say 20x20 will also work
What is the sound quality like?
The system uses a patented audio exciter technology that makes the surface it is attached to resonate like a speaker. Different materials produce a different sound so we have made sure that the art used has excellent properties to allow the best possible sound from this technology. The result is an incredible crisp sound that has an incredible spacial image and resonates all around the room.
Will I need a subwoofer?
A subwoofer is definitely recommended to get the full benefits of the system. Whilst the art panels themselves can produce modest amounts of bass, a subwoofer will produce the frequencies that the panels cannot resulting in an incredible full and powerful sound.
I need this in my life! How do I go about purchasing?
At present this is a custom product so we will need to listen to your requirements and specify the system for you. You can send us pictures of where you want the art pieces to go and we will come up with the best solution for sound and vision. We can also get it installed for you.
Do you have a system I can hear and see?
Yes, absolutely. We ahve a fully set up surround system here at our offices in Dallas. Please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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